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Generic Armodafinil also knew as Artvigil or Generic Nuvigil is a legal medication widely used around the world as a wakefulness and alertness agent for the mind and body. The medical use of Artvigil is mostly for sleep disorders but is also used for cognitive enhancement. You can Buy Artvigil Online from Pharma Moda without any prescription. An Enantiopure compound belonging to a group of eugeroic Modafinil, it has a greater half-life than that of its parent drug Modafinil. You can Buy Armodafinil online without any prescription as Generic Artvigil. If you are looking to buy Artvigil the below information on the medication will help you understand it further.

What is Artvigil?

Artvigil is the generic form of the nootropic drug Armodafinil. Artvigil is an FDA approved medication for sleep disorders like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, shift work disorder, and off-label for ADHD, CFS, and MDD. It is formulated from Modafinil and has the same effects but with better results. Artvigil is currently an FDA approved medication for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness and other sleeping disorders. The effectiveness of Artvigil is quite alike to its mother brand and with other sympathomimetic compounds, which promotes alertness and wakefulness. Individuals suffering from sleeping disorders or problems should Buy Artvigil as it is proven an effective cure for sleeping disorders including obstructive sleep apnea.

Uses of Artvigil 150mg

Artvigil is an FDA approved medication prescribed for sleep disorders and is used for other cognitive uses off-label. Even though the FDA does not approve Artvigil or Armodafinil for the treatment of cognitive conditions, some physicians prescribe it for the best results. There are many off-label purposes of medication like Weight loss, cognitive enhancement, etc. Armodafinil online is considered as a Schedule IV substance and is supposed to be used with caution. You can Buy Artvigil online for the following uses.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea is a serious condition in which there are pauses in breathing during sleep. The common symptoms are loud snoring, loud breathing, breathing through the mouth, excessive daytime sleepiness, and tiredness after a whole night of sleep. Artvigil is a drug that promotes wakefulness improving subjective and objective daytime sleepiness, in patients with OSA and particularly with excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS).


Shift work sleep disorder is a circadian regularity sleep disorder described by excessive sleepiness and insomnia in individuals you face irregular and overlap work timings. The ability of Artvigil helps patients regulate their sleep cycles according to their work shifts. The effects of Artvigil lasts for 9-10 hours, so the best time to take is before one hour of going to work.


Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder caused due to genetic factors and irregular indications of the brain. An individual suffering from this condition faces sudden muscle loss, sudden attacks of sleep, daytime sleepiness, and fatigue. If you buy Artivigil Online for narcolepsy make sure to know all the symptoms before order it. The medication has an ongoing effect on wakefulness for a given period which helps patients be more vigilant and awake during the daytime.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a chronic condition leading to hyperactivity, low attention span, and impulsiveness. ADHD is seen in early childhood and is continued into adulthood if not treated the right way. Artvigil being a cognitive enhancer helps individuals improve mental functions, stay focus, and attentive. Artvigil is not an FDA approved medication for ADHD, but Physicians prefer it for the treatment in some patients as the results have been in their favor. It is not approved for the use of children. For the past couple of years Artvigil is being used for the treatment of ADHD and even today, its range of treatment has widened gradually.

Weight loss

Artvigil boosts the energy level of the body by giving it a sense of motivation, which helps in working out without losing any energy or motivation. It also alters the metabolism of your body in some cases. It is used as off-label medications, but generally, people suffering from any sleep disorder looking for weight loss can easily opt for Artvigil as it offers both the benefits. Taking Artvigil only for weight loss is not advice, as the side effects can be harmful to one body.

How does Artvigil work?

The mechanism and pharmacology explanation of how the drug affects the brain is not accurately proven. There is numerous experiment carried out to determine the work of Artvigil on the neurotransmitter of the brains. The only explanations show that the medication alters the neurotransmitter to attend wakefulness and alertness. Buy Artvigil Online tablets can also promote attentiveness, increase focus, and attention span. Research shows that Artvigil continues to help people find relief with their problems, especially which is disturbing their daily life. The effects of the medications depend upon the dosage and what time of the day you take it. Artvigil 150mg is the standard dosage for people facing sleeping disorders. HAB Pharma, a pharmaceutical company based in India, manufactures the medication from Armodafinil giving the best results for the users.

Manufacture and Dosage

HAB Pharma from India a biopharmaceutical company produces Artivigil and is approved by the FDA, ensuring that it is safe to use. The company is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. You can also Buy Armodafinil Online on our website from HAB Pharma.

Artvigil comes in a white tablet form advised to be taken with water or food. Do not take it with alcohol. The medications take 20-40 min to reach their peak effects and are advised to be taken one hour before going to work. To get better results to follow the instruction given by your doctors. It has some common side effects like dry mouth, headache, insomnia, nausea. Other potential side effects are anorexia, rashes, anxiety, hallucination, and more. If you feel like you have overdosed on the medication and feel restlessness, increased blood pressure, chest pain, or low heartbeat, consult with a doctor immediately.

Where can you Buy Artvigil online?

You can Buy Artvigil Online at Pharma Moda. When you are looking for medication for your health and its improvement, you need the best. Pharma Moda is one of the websites that sell only authentic products from credible companies. Many online pharmacies charge you way more than the actual price but here you can find it at cheap prices, without compromising the wholesomeness of the medication. All our products are 100% of good quality and are FDA approved.

All the above information provided is to acknowledge you about the medical uses and benefits of Artvigil. As Pharma Moda, we promise to give you the best services and products that you can advantage from. So buy Artvigil online from Pharma Moda and take advantage of our products.

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